Custom CNC Machining in Lincoln Nebraska for precise cutting of parts
Custom CNC Machining in Lincoln Nebraska for precise cutting of parts

Custom CNC Machining

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We have the ability to ship anywhere from our location in Lincoln, Nebraska. Our CNC services are a fantastic way to get precise and accurate components for any project or purpose. These services use computer-controlled machinery to mill, cut, and shape materials based on your exact specifications. Whether you need a one-of-a-kind part for a DIY project or you're manufacturing products on a larger scale, custom CNC services can help create components that perfectly match your needs.

Our process is incredibly versatile, with many different materials available to work with, including woods, plastics, acrylic, ACM, and more. High-quality CNC machines can produce extremely intricate designs without compromising precision or quality. So whether you're an engineer creating parts for industrial machinery or just someone looking to bring their DIY vision to life, custom CNC services offer a reliable, affordable way to achieve perfect results every time.

What our Customers Say


Just beautiful! Looks better in person. Great customer service. Will definitely recommend! If your on the fence about this - BUY it!! You will not be disappointed.

Denver, CO

I just got this today and it is GORGEOUS! I love that it is handmade. A
beautiful piece of custom art for our home. I can’t wait to hang it.
Matches our decor perfectly. Thank you so much. 😊

Paterson, NJ

Very well made. Feels sturdy and heavy but not too heavy. The item was just as advertised. All
around a beautiful piece and the owners are very nice. Thanks, Y'all!

Irving, TX

The detail of the tree is outta this world! When the owner messaged me, telling me that each piece is made to order, I thought it world take weeks for me to receive it! But, within 10 days, it arrived!

Pembroke Pines, FL