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More Information About Howdy Owl US Map Home Wall Decor



The Original Wood Carved US Map!


Our US Map Art is carved into wood to give your home wall decor a new dimension and wow your guests.


Howdy Owl US Map Decor is carved with a CNC machine and then stained by hand.  Our maps are not glued layers or engraved with a laser engraver.  They are carved and are one solid piece!



Use Push Pins to mark your travels


All of our US Map Wall Art are push pin friendly.  While they are made of wood, the wood is soft enough that most pins can be pushed in by hand.  We do send instructions for any pins that may be tough to get in by hand. 

Click the photo of our push pins to see all the many options we have available.  Our pins are more expensive than most, so if you find a cheaper alternative that you like, those pins will work just fine!



Personalized with your own text!


Tell us what text you want on your US Map.  Fifteen different font options to choose from.  We will always email you a mock up of your design, and you will have final approval before we do any carving.  We have several different layouts to choose from, but if you have a different idea we're sure we can come up with something!



Many different map themes


Baseball Maps, Motorcycle, Running, Marathon, Hunting, Football, Basketball, Golf, Camping, and more!  If we don't have it listed, we've probably done it.  So, if you don't see the theme you are looking for, send us a message, and we'll go over the options!