Why choose a Howdy Owl US push pin travel map?

Howdy Owl makes everything from wood wall art to framed canvas prints. We also offer large banners, yard signs, foam core signs, and more. But, most of our customers know us for our famous, wood carved, us push pin travel map wall art. The carving itself is unique, but what really sets us apart is the finish color. It is a smooth wood finish with a crisp, eloquent contrast. Our finish involves a multi-step process that we have perfected over the years. Each map is made to order and begins with a hand-picked bare piece of wood. The wood is prepped by hand, carved using a CNC machine, and then finished by hand. We have a very consistent finish. But, every map involves a lot of hands on work, which also makes each one different. Consistency is always the key to happy customers. What you receive should be better than what you see in the photos online. That is difficult to do, and Howdy Owl takes great pride in knowing that our customers always find our work more beautiful in person than what they were expecting.
Beyond the carving, and the finish color is our wide assortment of push pins. We have curated the perfect collection of push pin offerings. Whether you need to mark baseball stadiums, campsites, motorcycle road trips, or golf courses you've played, you can create the perfect bucket list map with Howdy Owl. A bucket list map is great to remember your past travels and accomplishments. But, more importantly, it is an inspiration to continue to reach your goals. If your goal is to visit every MLB ball park or run a marathon in all 50 states, a bucket list map is going to inspire you to achieve those goals. And, Howdy Owl has you covered! And, if you don't see it in our shop, we can customize it for you!
If you know someone that likes to travel, creating the perfect gift with a Howdy Owl wood carved map is simple, and it is sure to wow the recipient! And, for many it is simply to travel together as a couple or as a family. The most popular phrase we see is 'Life is a journey best traveled together'. And, we couldn't agree more. So, if you're looking for inspiration to travel and need a gift for your husband or your wife, we highly recommend to keep it simple and go with our journey together map. It is sure to be a winner. And, now you have created a piece of wall art that you can proudly display your past travels, but more importantly look forward to where you are going to go next and the memories you are sure to make!
Browse through our site, or continue on below to learn more about Howdy Owl Maps. At the bottom of this page, you will see a few links to some of our more popular US push pin travel map collections.
The Carving
wood carved us push pin travel map
Our maps are made of solid wood, but you can easily pin them by hand. We have picked a wood that has an exquisite finish but is a softer wood for easy pinning! We start with a bare piece of wood and carve our maps using a CNC machine. The maps are then stained by hand for a finish color you won't find anywhere else!
Theme Maps
baseball bucket list us push pin travel map carved into woodgolf course bucket list us push pin travel map carved into wood
motorcycle road trip us push pin travel map carved into wood - gift for motorcycle ridercamping bucket list us push pin travel map carved into wood
These are just a few of the different theme maps that we offer. If we don't have one listed, we can create it! We've done maps for bull riding, rhythmic gymnastics, to rock climbing and everything in between. We also boast a wide selection of the different themes. If you don't see what you're looking for CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US
Custom Made to Order
Custom us map wall art and push pin travel maps for any occassion
Customize our maps with your text. Add images for a specific bucket list theme map. You can customize your map through any of the listings on our site. While we don't have a 'Custom Map Builder' quite yet, you can simply enter in your details and ideas. Once we have an order, we will put your ideas together and send you a mock up. We will go back and forth as many times as it takes until we get your map designed just the way you want it!
push pin us map carved into wood and custom made to order
This is simply something we can not stress enough... this is what makes our maps and wood wall art unique. You simply won't find this finish anywhere else. Sure, there are others that offer unique wood wall art. But, our finish is somewhat of a secret recipe that has involved years of trial, error, and perfection. It is our niche. It is what sets a Howdy Owl push pin map apart from the rest. We offer two finish colors that are neutral and will go well in any room. These go well with modern decor, rustic farmhouse, and everything in between. Hang it up, and you'll be shocked at how well this finish color flows. Add in the carving, and you have a true focal point for any room or office. Insert the pins, and now you've created a conversational centerpiece.
Push Pins
decorative metal lapel push pins
Alright... now it's time to make it special! Yes, you have a push pin map. But, Howdy Owl maps also double as US map art. Simple pins will work with our maps, but the pins we offer are going to put your map over the edge! You want to talk to your friends and family about your travels. Use these pins to show them why you traveled. Did you take a cruise, head on a plane to travel internationally, go to a beach, or take a simple Griswold family vacation in a car across the US? We have a pin for any travel occasion!
American Made
American made us map wood wall art and push pin travel maps
It hasn't been easy... and it still isn't easy. But, we continue to make some of the very best in handmade American wall art. What started in our 2 stall garage in Ashland, Nebraska, has now moved to our warehouse in Lincoln, Nebraska. Click to read more about Our Story
The Perfect Gift Idea
anniversary gift idea for husband or wife
Our US push pin maps and wood wall art are the perfect gift idea for any occasion. Let's be honest... trying to find the perfect gift for a friend or family can cause unwanted stress. We have you covered at Howdy Owl! Our items are sure to put a smile on anyone's face and be something they will cherish for years.
Ready to shop??
Click Here to view our US Map Collection and start your pinning your journey!

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