Motorcycle Rally Push Pin Map

It doesn’t matter if you are a Harley, Suzuki, Indian or Yamaha enthusiast, if you travel on your motorcycle, our Rally Push Pin Map is a great way to remember your road trip!

The idea is to collect lapel pins from Motorcycle Rallies around the United States.  With the US Map, each state is carved out, creating the perfect frame for push pins of any kind.  We’ve had a few Harley-Davidson fans collect pins from specific states they visit!  No matter what you use to mark your map, it is a fun way to track your adventures with friends and loved ones as you build a beautiful collection! 

The other great thing about maps from Howdy Owl are the many customization options.  For Example, you can change the quote, finish color and fonts used. 

We can gear it towards couples who ride together: 

Customize it with your favorite motorcycle company:

Or carve your favorite quote:

A lot of couples purchase the map as an anniversary gift and customize it with their names and the date they were married!  It also might be fun for biker clubs to customize their map with their group logo or name where the motorcycle is carved on the map.

For more push pin map ideas, you can visit our website at  If you would like to contact Howdy Owl about making a custom map for you or a loved on you can contact us at!

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