Maps for Marathon Runners

Lately we've had a lot of requests from Marathon Runners for ways to display their medals from across the United States.  My favorite design is for the Fifty States Half Marathon Club.  It lists all 50 states in alphabetical order across the bottom of the map.  Hooks are added after delivery to hang medals under their corresponding states.  Much like the image bellow:

During the process of creating this map we measured out our three panel US map and made a diagram for runners interested in framing the medals within the states. 

We've also had several couples who share a love of running, this tends to be their favorite quote:

This last map was made to celebrate the completion of the fifty state challenge and honor the many miles that went into their venture. 

Any size map works great with nails, push pins and lapel pins!  So if you run multiple marathons in the same state you can mark the locations of each race and hang the medals on the wall or display cases around the map. 

Once again, hope this helps get the creative juices flowing and you have fun with any map you order! 

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