Add a permanent carved Heart, Star, or Circle to mark locations of significance on any of our Signature Howdy Owl Maps!

***IMPORTANT: These are carved onto your map – they are a PERMANENT addition to the design. They are not glued on or adhered in any way, therefore they cannot be added or removed after the map has been carved.***

Markers are $5 PER LOCATION. For example, if you want to add 3 locations to your map, please select a '3 Locations' for $15.

These will be the same color as the finish you chose for your map, and you will see the same wood grain pass through the map and markers. We do not paint custom colors!
In the ‘Customizations’ text box, please specify where you want each marker (City/State is fine!) and specify per location if you’d like a Heart, Star, or Circle in its place.

Permanent Carved Markers

$ 5.00