Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a Custom Color?
Unfortunately, we do not offer any other color options than what you see in the color pallet for each listing.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes... to a certain extent.  As long as it is within our color pallet and size offerings we will take a look at what you have in mind.  Any images sent need to be High Resolution, and they need to be somewhat simple.  Fees will apply for images or logos that need to be redesigned in order to achieve a clean carve.  Keep in mind Customized items can take longer than our normal 1-2 week production time.

How Heavy are your Maps?

Our maps are made of solid pine. So, even though they are solid wood, it is a light weight wood. Our largest map (23 x 47) weighs around 17 lbs. All items have either a cable wire or saw tooth hanger on the back.

Can I mark the map with pins or nails?

YES! It is solid pine, but the wood is fairly soft. Most push pins should work, but we recommend using small gold (or any color for that matter) nails.

What do we use to have guests sign our item?

Any permanent marker will work - we recommend fine tip. We spray all of our pieces with a protective clear coat. If many people will be signing, take that into consideration for which size you want. We recommend putting a nice note beside the item letting your guests know to sign legibly but small enough to accommodate other guest signatures. We also recommend that you have close friends or family sign first, prior to the big day, to make sure the pen you want to use will work the way you want it to. And, to give the first guests that sign an idea how big they should sign. You can sign the main board as well as the carving (if you have different color markers).

If I order a larger map, does that mean the carving is larger as well?

YES! The size of the carving is going to be dictated by the size of the item you order. Our 23 x 35 world map will carve to the same proportions as it would on the 15 x 24.

Are your items made of reclaimed wood?

NO! Any of our items that appear to be made of reclaimed wood, are made of new wood that has been painted, distressed, and sanded to give it the appearance of reclaimed wood.